The artists of the collective

Who is NFT Chocolate? 🍫

Artist & UI Designer, interested by digital art and Web3.  
NFTC Co-Founder

NFT Chocolate 🍫 is a UI Designer with over 25 years of experience in the digital field. He discovered the world of Web3 and NFTs in September 2022. His curiosity and interest in digital art and Web3 led him to the NFT universe, where he co-founded the NFTC collective — Now Free To Create — alongside Gothsa, Cake One, and Xavier Garreau.

Initially, he created and explored collections based on AI, mixing Photoshop and Illustrator. Notably, the Distant Universe Spart collection on the Objkt marketplace (Tezos Blockchain).

After exploring various collections, he gained significant recognition with his Daruma Wishes NFT collection on Foundation, which sold out in less than a month.

Fifteen years ago, he founded the digital communication agency Studio Vitamine, which he still manages today.


NFT Chocolate 🍫 is an NFT artist strongly inspired by the world of samurai and Japan. He has created various collections featuring samurai, geishas, traditional ONI masks, and the traditional Daruma dolls.

NFT Chocolate discovered Asian art during his studies at Tolbiac University Paris I in Art History, as well as through the books of Alexandra David Neel and visits to the Guimet Museum in Paris.